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PayHalal Wakalah Bai Al Ujrah


Wakalah literally means protection, delegation, or authorization. PayHalal wakalah contract allows our Merchants gives us legal capacity and authorizes PayHalal to conclude the ecommerce sales and payment on behalf of our merchants.


PayHalal as an agent (wakil) establishes contractual relations between our merchant (muwakkil) and the Muslim shoppers.


The main purpose of an agency is to facilitate economic exchanges between merchant and Muslim Shopper when such exchanges are hindered by distance, numbers, or when the principal is unable or unwilling to act personally because he or she may not be a Muslim .

Payhalal Features

Merchant Dashboard

Transaction Report | Invoicing | Developer Tools | Social Pay | Email Pay | QR Pay

Accounts Reconciliation

Transaction report available in CSV format. Merchant able to reconcile the data for their Sales based on the selected date

Auto Settlement

Daily settlement on T+ 2 working days basis. Settlement runs daily without the need for merchant to request for it.

Recurring Payments

Merchant able to set scheduled payment for their products or services

Payments Links

Able to generate payment links which can be used on Social Media or email to collect payment. Merchant can also generate QR to activate scan and pay option for their shop

Invoice Payment

Invoicing available in dashboard where merchant able to generate invoice for the item they sold to their customer and send the invoice before requesting payment via payment links.

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Payhalal accepts Online Banking and Card Payments