Why PayHalal?

Halal businesses sells more with PayHalal because Muslims prefer the Islamic way of handling money and PayHalal will be available worldwide where transaction of money in accordance to Shariah is observed. PayHalal account can be setup within minutes and we provide protection coverage, yearly Hibah payout and security protection.
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Getting Paid. Button up your Website

You can start accepting payments seamlessly by adding “Pay with PayHalal” buttons. Give your customer freedom to choose their payment method, whether FPX (Bank Accounts) and credit or debit cards*.

Step 1:
“Pay with PayHalal” buttons can be created quickly by copying and pasting a few lines of codes on your respective websites.

Step 2:
Start accepting payments with PayHalal.

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Shariah Compliant Payment Gateway

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PayHalal accepts FPX Online Banking


and Credit Cards

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