Your Halal payment gateway

Payhalal is the World's First Shariah compliant Islamic payment gateway, that facilitates all of your payment transactions by eliminating Riba' and Gharhar

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What do we offer?

A Halal facilitated Checkout

Only halal goods and services gets through our halal cart

Optimised Payment Options

Shop online, transfer funds and pay your bills with convenience using your Payhalal account

Secure Financial Transactions

Our infrastructure is comprehensive and secure to make sure all your transactions are protected

Easy to share payment links

As a merchant, you can generate several types of payment links to share via your channel of choice.

Easy Merchant onboarding Process

With our simple and straightforward application process, you can easily start selling with us with either our hosted or integrated gateway

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Payhalal accepts Online Banking and Card Payments

Button up your Website and get paid

You can start accepting payments seamlessly by adding “Pay with Payhalal” buttons. Give your customer freedom to choose their payment method, whether through FPX and other credit or debit cards


For more information, contact us at or via phone 03-2011 8088