PayHalal Advantage

PayHalal Cart Facilitates Halal Checkout

Only halal goods and services gets through our proprietary PayHalal Cart and PayHalal Checkout which verifies every single products consumers put into our carts against hundreds of millions of halal certification database and halal eCodes globally to provide them peace of mind and ease their doubt while shopping.

PayHalal Verified

PayHalal Verification increases a Merchant’s standing in the eyes of Muslim Shoppers irrespective of whether they are connoisseur of halal or they just want a good deal. We give our merchants additional evidence of their halal store status. To qualify as PayHalal merchants they have to go through a stringent halal verification and audit process.

Shop With Convenience

Buy in just a few clicks. Consumers just enter their email and password when they pay with PayHalal. Merchant receives their payment, not their credit card details or other financial information.

Shop With Protection

Consumers get money back for purchases that don’t arrive  or different from what was purchased. PayHalal's “wakil” or agency role ensures PayHalal's Buyer are Protected.

Trade More Securely Using Halal Contracts

Merchant receives payment made by consumers when they get the goods they purchased. All Payment Transactions are done via Smart Sharia Agreements. Different type of purchases require different sharia contracts. Our PayHalal Checkout will automatically identify the different sharia compliant contracts needed under a single payment. Our process enable end-to-end halal services to complete the farm-to-fork halal promise. All this happening on real-time basis.

PayHalal Big Data and AI

  PayHalal is the first and foremost islamic payment processing transaction companies in the world. PayHalal’s extensive use of Big Data analytics and data science helps PayHalal to enrich halal merchants experience as well as their consumer experience especially the large Muslim segments. In the works is the enhancement and acceleration of our PayHalal AI-powered technology, which will be able to facilitate merchants via PayHalal Marketing Solutions that will expand merchant experience beyond the proprietary PayHalal Cart and PayHalal checkout experience.

Automatic Reconciliation

Simplify and accelerate how you reconcile transactions. Effortlessly sync PayHalal with your accounting system or use PayHalal to export transaction details. 

Optimise Payment Collection

We integrate with your billing software and automatically collect payments when they are due. This puts you in control and ensures you always get paid on time and in full.

Easily Manage Payments

View and manage all your PayHalal transaction data, customers and more from our user friendly dashboard. You’ll have access to everything in the system at your fingertips.

Security is at our core

Data security is of utmost importance to Curlec and we put this at the forefront of our thinking. We invest heavily in ensuring that our infrastructure is comprehensive and secure.
  • Account details are stored with military grade 256-bit encryption
  • All files are transferred using SFTP in compliance with Malaysian banking standards
  • All data transmission is encrypted to the HTTPS standard
  • Authorisation of all transactions completed with two-factor authentication

PayHalal Best Practices

Importance Of A Good E-Commerce Halal Shopping Cart For building Loyalty With Your Muslim Shoppers

Today’s conventional non halal dedicated e-commerce is filled with so many different choices. Merchants can pick out a hundred different ways for customers to check out and complete their purchases online but however they have neglected to serve Muslims shoppers correctly according to halal requirements .

For halal Some features matter more than others, but what it really boils down to is the halal verification and authentication features that’s available in iCart by PayHalal which will make your halal check out process smooth ,secure,assuring and hassle-free for your Muslim customers.

PayHalal’ Shopping iCarts can provide detailed halal pages, halal online transaction management and even save popular transactions so Muslim customers can return for repeat business.

These are some features for halal e-commerce PayHalal’s iCarts that you absolutely need for a successful online Halal store.

Eliminate “Registration” Requirements - A Single Page for Faster Halal Checkout .

Conventional Online stores often put Muslim customers through so many different hurdles just to purchase a product without even verifying its halal in the first place causing Muslims to abandon the cart.

A Muslim shopper who is interested in buying halal goods or services may become discouraged after going through multiple pages trying to complete a purchase according to halal principles , or they may even become confused or feel misled by the process or worst the fear of purchasing haram items or indirectly incurring usury (RIBA/ interest is prohibited by Islam).

One of the simplest things that you can do to make this better for your Muslim customers is whittling it down into a single page PayHalal checkout form that has as few fields as possible. This way you get fewer abandoned shopping carts and a streamlined customer experience.

Product Images
PayHalal shopping cart will provide images of what’s in the order as well as a link to the product online. While Muslim shoppers may use their back button to look at a halal product again, they may want to change the color or size, or they may not be sure about what they’re buying and want to take another look.

PayHalal iCart will always provide an verified halal checkout list with pictures and descriptions as well as price.

SKU Numbers & Halal Certification Number.
There should always be a separate line of text just underneath the image or title of the halal product that includes the SKU number and Halal Certification Number. This is very important to Muslim customers who want to call about halal products, arrange for returns or need to add it to their own catalog.

Promotional Codes
The age of the digital coupon is here, and people want to know that you provide deals and coupons. When you combine your halal online store with deals , you offer another way to market halal products and get more Muslim shoppers onto your site. They feel like they’ve got an amazing halal deal, and you also have won some new Muslim customers. It’s also important to provide email promotions and deals directly on your site that you can apply at PayHalal checkout through a simple coupon code box on the PayHalal checkout page. It should be easy to apply the discount and see the balance reflect the savings on the checkout page.

Eliminate “Registration” Requirements
Most Muslim shoppers are still wary about registering on sites and allowing those sites to access their social media account page or otherwise store their information. They simply want to check out. It slows down the process to require people to create an account. You have to feel very strongly that your products can’t be found anywhere else to provide the motivation to your customers to register. Even then, you are likely still losing out on some people who just want to click and buy.

For further information please contact pat@payhalal.my

Getting Paid. Button up your Website

You can start accepting payments seamlessly by adding “Pay with PayHalal” buttons. Give your customer freedom to choose their payment method, whether FPX (Bank Accounts) and credit or debit cards*.

Step 1:
“Pay with PayHalal” buttons can be created quickly by copying and pasting a few lines of codes on your respective websites.

Step 2:
Start accepting payments with PayHalal.

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