Sadaqah for Palestine is a donation campaign launched by PayHalal. At this critical moment, Palestine refugees deserve our collective solidarity to protect their dignity by providing emergency food assistance to the most vulnerable, and by not disrupting the education of their children and healthcare for families.

Millions of vulnerable Palestine refugees are at risk of losing life- saving assistance. At a time of major political upheavals in the Middle East, this abrupt decision exposes Palestine refugees to further suffering, instability and violations of their human rights.

PayHalal Sadaqah is determined to stand with Palestine refugees in the West Bank including East Jerusalem, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Together, we must keep schools and clinics open, emergency food and cash distribution system intact.

Palestine refugees need:
- Access to basic education for 525,000 boys and girls at one of the over 700 schools.
- Emergency food and cash assistance to 1.7 million extremely vulnerable Palestine refugees.
- Access to primary health care, including pre-natal care, for families.
- Dignity and human security for 5.3 million refugees.

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For more information, contact us at [email protected] or via phone +603-2011 8088