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During 20th Century estimated 70 million people died from famine. Causes of famine is not only by food security as many believes but more because of food affordability. The vision of Yusuf funds is to be one of the worlds biggest funds with objective to end famine systematically and sustainably by Year 2027.

The global Target of Yusof Fund is to reach USD 20 Billion in 10 Years time and do eradicate famine globally once and for all by year 2027.

The Inspiration of Yusuf Fund:
The Qur‘an states in Surah Yusuf on the dreams of the Egyptian King and the interpretation of the dreams by Prophet Yusuf. Technically, the Quran tells us way to end famine is by building up resilience before it happened.

Currently, there are 4 countries facing famine namely Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen with more than 20 million peoples are starving. Other countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Venezuela are vulnerable to have famine if no action taken to prevent it.
- To date, there is no global entity work to end famine systematically
- Current humanitarian sector is focusing on providing aid and relief after famine happened
- Most humanitarian crises such as earthquakes, typhoons and floods could have happen overnight without warning
- Famine is a slow moving, kind of a crisis and easy to see it coming, hence it is preventable
- Big scale famines can be seen sometimes years away yet there is no dedicated fund to address it
- Yusuf fund goal is to close the gap in creating resilience by increasing one ability to generate income

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