Fulfill Your Fardh ‘Ain Obligation

As individual it’s our duty or obligation as competent Muslim to perform our lifestyle as in accordance to Islam that includes receiving and sending money via the internet. Therefore, as a competent individual do not be relieved from such a duty or obligation if a sufficient number of Muslims have performed it. Example of fardh ‘ain is all matters related to worship (ibadah/ibadat) such as praying, fasting, paying zakat, etc.

Why using PayHalal to pay Zakat is your Fardh ‘Ain Obligation
PayHalal is a popular site for transferring money between Muslim consumers and Islamic businesses online. You can use your PayHalal account to purchase items from hundreds of online stores as well as Sending and Receiving money, Making Payments, or Transferring money from one account to another.

Opening a basic PayHalal account is free, you do not need a special technology, or a business license to send/receive money through PayHalal.
The only requirements are:
1. A valid email address.
2. A valid debit, credit card or bank account or even load in via prepaid cards.


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